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The Art of Family Portraits

In a world where every moment seems fleeting, there's something magical about freezing time through the lens of a camera. As a photographer specializing in family portraits, I've come to cherish the art of creating those memories that family's treasure for a lifetime. In this blog post, I'll share some insights into my approach for family photo sessions and strive for genuine smiles.

Starting with connection: One of the keys to successful family photos is building a connection with each member of the family. Especially the little ones. I almost always begin by getting down on their level and talking to them. This helps them feel at ease. Some children even carry around a comfort toy, and I say LET THEM! I've found by incorporating their toys at the beginning of the session, often leads to some of the best authentic moments.

Catering to Individual Personalities: Every family is unique. Whether dealing with a shy pre-teen or rambunctious toddler (I have one of those! LOL), I make it a priority to adapt my approach to suit the needs of each person. I can speak fluent Mickey Mouse, Mrs. Rachel, Pokémon or Harry Potter. By connecting with everyone, I'm able to breakdown those awkward barriers to capture moments that truly reflect the family dynamic.

Embracing the silly: I firmly believe that there's no shame in acting silly to get a small child to laugh. From making goofy faces and the strangest sounds, to busting out my best dance moves, I'm not afraid to go to great lengths, even at the expense of my ego ha-ha! So if you're looking for a photographer that will make your kids sit down, listen and take nice photos...I'm not the gal for you...#sorrynotsorry

Encourage Playfulness: One of my favorite moments during a family portrait session is when I give kids permission to let loose and be themselves. Many children are accustomed to being told to stay clean and tidy for photos, so when I give them the green light to run, jump and tackle their parents with hugs, the excitement is palpable. I want kids to be kids and embrace the joy of playfulness, even if it means getting a little dirty in the process(at the end of the session, duh! your efforts on outfits won't go to waste!).

Creating those lasting memories for your family is not just about perfect smiles and poses-it's about showcasing the real love, joy and connection that makes every family special. By building a rapport with every family member, being silly and letting kids be themselves, I strive to maintain an atmosphere where families can be themselves.

I'm ready to meet you!

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