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Embracing Motherhood: A Personal Journey Overcoming Insecurities

Updated: Feb 27


Framing insecurities, confronting doubts, capturing strength and celebrating moments. A mother's struggle and triumph in embracing imperfections.

In the fast-paced world of today, being self-conscious about our appearance has become a modern-day norm. Constant exposure to media messages about the "ideal" look can leave us feeing less confident about ourselves. As a photographer, I've witnessed firsthand how this impacts moms and their hesitancy to choose photos featuring just themselves with their babies.

As a way to counter motherhood insecurities, I've made it my mission to empower my clients with tools that go beyond the camera lens. An Introductory Questionnaire, Style Guide and Prep Guide have all been created so I can help you have the best experience possible. Who better to hype up a mom, than another mom?!

How I'll Help Combat Motherhood Insecurities

~The Introductory Questionnaire~ will be the first personal touch of my new session experience. I want to know about the kids (names and ages), relationship and family dynamics (are you outgoing or reserved?) I also want to know the ugly stuff, like what you're most self-conscious about. For one, I truly believe that every BODY has beauty and power. Secondly, with this information, I can tailor your session to your family's unique story. By understanding your concerns, I can pose everyone in a way that feels authentic AND looks flattering.

~The Style Guide~ I will never tell a person what they SHOULD wear to their photo session. It's your session after all! This guide merely offers advice on clothing items that photograph well, and what doesn't. Tips on choosing flattering outfits for the whole family, from your own closet, without buying brand new! Complete with color pallet suggestions for every season.

~The Prep Guide~ Setting session expectations and offering tips for a seamless photo-taking experience. This isn't just about capturing moments but setting up an environment where everyone is comfortable. Only then will the true connections shine through.

Overcoming My Own Insecurities

In reflecting on my own journey becoming a photographer and a mother, I've realized the importance of breaking free from societal expectations. Like many other moms, I find myself behind the camera (I mean, I am a photographer lol!) taking photos of precious moments, but rarely being in them. I battle with my own insecurities; from missing a tooth, to the toll that post-partum depression, anxiety and everyday stress has taken on my body.

As a promise to myself, my daughter and my clients, I've committed to taking and sharing more photos of me too! I understand what truly matters in these images won't be the flawless facade but the genuine love and connection that you can feel by looking at them.

In a world fixated on outward appearances, lets redefine beauty through the lens of motherhood. Your children won't remember (or even notice!) any imperfections; they'll only cherish the moment frozen in time. It's time to embrace the real, the raw and the beautifully imperfect journey through motherhood.

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