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Everett, WA

Get to Know Me!

My name is Kiana Eaton. I was a hobby photographer for nearly 16 years. Though when my daughter was born in September 2021, I made the decision to turn my hobby into my full-time career. 

I am just like you! Different parts of my house take turns being cleaned, my toddler's fingers are usually sticky, and my go-to hairstyle is a messy bun. I can't promise that my clothes won't have dog hair on them, but I can promise that you will see the love for my photography during a session together. I love capturing the beautiful chaos that comes with each client. Kids will always be kids. You do NOT have to apologize to me for them being themselves! I might be acting just as silly ;)

I'm always looking for new learning opportunities. New styles and trends, bring them on and send them my way! I will always consider requests. So let's get creative!

I look forward to building a relationship with each of my clients. Every person is different, and so is every session experience. Ask me all of your questions!

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